FAQs – When is the best time to book a Christmas party?

Okay, so technically yes, it is summer (although the weather here in Ol’ Blightly suggests otherwise!) and it probably seems a bit strange that we’re already discussing booking Christmas parties with you, but this week, we thought we’d clear up a question that we’re asked on quite a frequent basis – when is the best time to book a Christmas party? There are of course many elements which form the answer to this question, so there isn’t a clear cut solution for everyone. Some of the main factors include how large your group size is, or how big your budget is; but we’ll explore these answers more in depth within this article, so you’re fully informed about when the best time to book your Christmas party really is.

Group size

This is probably the most important thing to consider when looking to book your Christmas party. Just how big is the group that you’re looking to cater for, and what kind of party are you looking to opt for? If you’ve got a big group and you’re looking to enjoy an exclusive party this festive season then we recommend you start looking to book around six to nine months in advance. It can be difficult to find a venue that will accommodate a particularly large group, so this really does need to be done as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We’d suggest the same for larger groups that want to go for a shared party as spaces can fill up really quickly.

With smaller groups, we’d strongly suggest booking three to six months in advance. You may think there will be more availability to go around as a small business or company, but it really is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re after a certain type of shared party – the themed parties are always extremely popular and have a tendency to sell out quickly!



Where is it you’re thinking of going to celebrate your festive knees up? If it’s a popular city location such as Manchester, Edinburgh or London, we’d suggest you get in there pretty darn quick, because venues in these cities can get snapped up just like that. Also another factor to consider is what venue you want in your desired location, as once again the best ones will be the first to go. Get in there as quick as you can!


Have you got a limited budget and want to get the most out of your money? Then keep your eyes peeled for special offers on Christmas parties. A great way to do this is to snap up any early bird offers that are available in January. With Christmas having just been, many people just wouldn’t think to book for the following Christmas so soon, but let us tell you from experience that this is where the best deals are.

There are some equally good deals available last minute if you’re willing to leave it until November, but with this you can’t be guaranteed of the venue of your choice or if it will cater to your party size. This is probably a better option for those smaller companies who don’t mind too much about where they’ll be celebrating the festivities.

Another thing to bear in mind with the budget is the date. If you’re looking to save the pennies but not compromise on the quality, then why not enjoy the party slightly earlier in the year? Many venues offer party nights towards the end of November which are definitely cheaper than say a week before Christmas day itself. If you don’t mind waiting, then some venues offer dates in early January too which will help save on the budget.


Why use Eventa?

Well firstly, two words. Why not? In all seriousness though, Eventa has been established for years, so you can expect an expert and professional service at all times. We’ve successfully sourced thousands of Christmas parties throughout the United Kingdom and work side by side with successful and experienced suppliers, so you can count on us to provide you with a completely memorable party for an outstanding price – why not check out our fantastic range of Christmas parties today?

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