The Eventa team sporting their pyjamas for Children in Need

Eventa don their jammies for charity

The Eventa marketing team got together this week to decide on a nice, grown up way of raising some money for Children in Need, which is today. After many meetings and some seriously heated debates, we decided to hold a pyjama day today in the office!

Ok, so PR Lynsey came up with the idea and then told us this is what we would be doing, and that was fine with everyone else! There is nothing better than being able to wear your comfortable pyjamas or onesie to work for the day.

As you can see, the turnout was particularly impressive today and there were some great onesies being sported by some of the sales team, including the Incredible Hulk and a dinosaur (complete with tail). It’s always nice to do your bit for charity and we were all more than happy to donate to this good cause and be able to spend the day in our pyjamas.

Some of the team are also growing their moustaches for Movember, and you can donate to that cause on the official Stag Company Movember page if you want to.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the team in next week’s Brighton Argus too!

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Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet is the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Eventa. Event management has always been a popular topic for Tom, having run a number of events throughout his working career, as well as speaking at conferences a vast number of times.

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