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EventCity 2013 Manchester

Recently the content team and I were invited to attend a showcase event in Manchester’s EventCity.  Naturally we accepted the invitation! Meaning that a train and a taxi journey later we found ourselves faced with the huge venue that is EventCity.

After signing in and depositing our coats we were shown round the venue – on a golf cart. Yes, it really was that big. Our tour guide told us that EventCity is the biggest event venue in Manchester and we believe her! After all, it was 28,000 sq. metres of space huge.


Once our tour had finished we were taken through to a layout and light showroom, before being led into where all the fun was happening. We weren’t left gawping for too long though: the boys were persuaded to test their omelette making skills in a Saturday Kitchen style cook-off on the main stage. The final results were less omelette more runny egg. Needless to say neither of them won!

During the day we also joined in cocktail making, serving up some impressive Cosmopolitans and Mojitos. As well as perfecting our cocktail shaking technique (it’s all in the forearm motion apparently.) We also joined in on some wine tasting (very friendly and knowledgeable staff.) Sampled several delicious dishes (risotto and chocolate cheesecake were divines.) Cooed (O.K. I cooed – the boys didn’t) at the stunning flower decorations and competed in various games (SEGA rally and darts anyone?)

Team Eventa also competed in a company vs company 30 minute cook off challenge. We faced BlueMonday (from London) and after seeing what was in our mystery boxes (rather like Ready, Steady, Cook.) We started furiously chopping, frying, seasoning and stirring and ended up with a delicious pork fillet pasta dish. Complete with a cream and paprika sauce, seasonal veg, garnished with fresh, zesty apple batons. Unfortunately the other team landed steak in their mystery box and (as far as we’re concerned) it swayed the judge and he proclaimed BlueMonday as the winners.

6:30pm marked the beginning of the Russian themed Christmas party (yes – even though it’s nowhere near Christmas) and saw more people turn up to enjoy the festivities. There were acrobats, aerial artists and dodgems! Not to mention more food and drink! By the end of it we were full, giggling and ready to curl into bed and sleep off the effects of a great night. Once again thanks to Georgina for inviting us! We had a great time!

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