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Royal Mail Builds Parcel Hubs To Ease Christmas Pressure

The Royal Mail is to set up nine parcel ‘hubs’ in locations across the country in order to facilitate the movement of post throughout the extremely busy Christmas season.

The temporary centres, located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea, Swindon, Watford, Bristol, Peterborough, Manchester and Nuneaton, will be open for business until Christmas eve and have been set up to help the service deal with the 130 million daily items, over double the usual daily amount of 62 million.

A spokesman for the group Consumer Focus has welcomed the move, which will involve £15m of investment being pumped in from Royal Mail, believing that it will help prevent issues that were seen last Christmas whereby adverse weather conditions meant thousands of people didn’t receive packages on time. Mark Higson, Royal Mail’s managing director of operations and modernisation, has however advised the public to plan ahead, stating that “Even though it still seems a long way off, we would remind people to start thinking about putting in their online orders for presents, and sending their Christmas post to family and friends in advance.”

Here at Eventa, we’ve always espoused the virtues of booking your Christmas party ‘early doors’, with spaces on key dates filling up faster than ever this year. However, should you still be looking to get involved with the Christmas party scene, fear not, for we’ve opened up a load of extra spaces for those seeking last minute work Christmas party deals!

Over the past week or so we’ve made some brand new events in London and Brighton live on the site. Better late than never, we know, but rest assured that these aren’t ‘slap dash’ bashes thrown together with moments to spare until the Christmas party season kicks off. We’d recommend that you check out Christmas At The Chinese Cricket Club, Celebrate Christmas In The Heart Of The City and Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Festive Feasts for hundreds and hundreds of prime seats at the top Christmas tables. We’ve been seeing groups of 100 plus enquiring about a party just this week, so it’s never too late to book that dream date for you and your organisation!

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