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Christmas Parties In London | Sky’s The Limit

With space at a premium in our nation’s capital, developers have taken to building upwards rather than out. It is a trait of all mega cities nowadays but London has an added advantage when it comes to finding space: the River Thames. People have made it their home, restaurants have opened up on it and now even Christmas parties in London are getting in on the act.

About as far removed from a Christmas party on dry land as is possible, these superb festive events frequently make use of the astounding beauty of London by night, the vessels they are held on steaming leisurely up and down the river between Embankment and the O2 arena taking in all the twinkling sights as the guests inside enjoy sumptuous Christmas party dinners, glamorous cocktails and live entertainment. It was once assumed that these London Christmas parties were rather expensive affairs but that is most certainly not the case any longer. The Christmas Thames Disco Cruise that we are proud to be promoting this season includes a four hour charter, a wonderful hot and cold buffet supper, cash bar serving drinks at pub prices and the obligatory DJ set for under thirty pounds a head!

The heavens haven’t been neglected when it comes to hosting a unique Christmas party or two in London this year. The capital’s towering ‘Gherkin’ building shall be hosting a number of events including cocktail and canapé receptions through to world-class sit-down dinner events in its grand dome, 130m above the gentle hum of traffic below. Believe us when we say that the views from this soon-to-be Christmas party hotspot are simply breathtaking. If you can overcome any sense of vertigo then we recommend taking a glass of Champagne to the dome’s all-glass edge and peering back down to Earth. If you look hard enough you may just see a London Christmas party boat or two cruising up and down the famous River Thames.

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