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Festive Fun By The Sea | Christmas Parties Brighton Style

Call us biased if you want, but we here at Eventa love a good Brighton Christmas party. In fact, scrap that, we just love Brighton full-stop! The laid-back atmosphere, its kind and generous people and of course the multitude of fabulous restaurants and bars serving up amazing food and drink in al fresco settings, weather permitting of course! Undeniably a city geared towards the summer, Brighton does have the tendency to be a little desolate during the colder, darker months. An unquestionable exception to this rule comes into play at Christmas time. The bohemian North Laine area of the city in particular is a warm and inviting place come festive season. Pretty lights create an illuminated canopy in the narrow streets and the independent stores are a hive of shopping activity.

Christmas parties Brighton style take all of this warm, welcoming ambience and distil it into beautiful Christmas party venues. Our festive events for 2011 are so far all located on the city’s famous promenade, staring out into the wistful expanse that is the English Channel. Lined with world-class hotels such as The Grand, rest assured that you’ll only find the finest Christmas parties being held here.

One of our personal favourites, the All Inclusive Christmas Party Nights event includes as the name suggests all you need for a memorable night; a cocktail reception, three course dinner, disco and all of your drinks for the evening. A number of corporate Christmas parties are also set to land at Brighton’s racecourse this festive season, which serves as an ideal location for a festive bash. From high up on a hill above the city, you’ll be able to peer down at the beautiful twinkling lights as you take welcome drinks on the heated terracing, enjoy sumptuous canapés, an exquisite sit-down meal and plenty of fine wines. Come and join us by the seaside in December for a truly memorable office Christmas bash!

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