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Birmingham Pub Kicks Off Christmas Celebrations…100 Days Early!

We here at Eventa are always telling you lovely lot to book your Christmas parties early to avoid disappointment and it would appear that the bar industry has been listening to and taking inspiration from our words of wisdom. A pub in Birmingham has taken the unprecedented step of putting up its magnificent Christmas tree 100 days early, in response to a tidal wave of festive party bookings over the first week of September.

Despite temperatures outside soaring to 25 degrees Celsius the very day the tree went up, The Hungry Horse in Wylde Green decided to go ahead with their plans in response to demand from customers. “We are 50 per cent full even now, so it’s a reminder to customers,” says Greg Gibbons of the pub’s owners Greene King. Clearly you’re getting in the mood for Christmas parties in Birmingham in 2012 even earlier than last year, which is some feat believe us!

And it isn’t just The Hungry Horse or indeed the Birmingham bar industry getting into the festive spirit early. The Hunters Moon, Beeches and Baldwin pubs have been decked out, whilst several city centre stores are also beginning to stock Christmas cards.

“People have become more wary of spending money and they like to plan their spending ahead,” continues Gibbons. “When a customer realises it’s just four more pay days until Christmas it brings it home how close we are.”

Even we never looked at it that way. Just FOUR more pay days until Christmas! Despite being advocates for forward-thinking, your humble correspondent actually didn’t start his festive shopping until mere days before the main event last year. What is certain though is that as we head into the middle of September, Eventa Christmas party venues up and down the land are beginning to sell out their key dates, so we’d advise you not to take that approach with your festive event!

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