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Bieber To Release Festive Album For Christmas Party Season

Teenage pop superstar Justin Bieber is to release a Christmas-flavoured album entitled ‘Under The Mistletoe’ next month, a sure fire sign that the Christmas party season is being seriously looked forward to now in the very highest echelons of the celebrity world. We haven’t been able to ascertain exactly why the album is being released in November and not a little closer to the big day; maybe it is a cunning marketing ploy to capitalise on shops launching their Christmas ranges earlier than ever before (see our earlier blog on Harrods) or perhaps the 17-year old heart-throb just can’t wait for the festive season to begin. Either way, our joy that someone was clearly getting as excited about Christmas as we are has been magnified since it was announced that Mariah Carey is rumoured to be appearing on the album.

It got us thinking about one of our newest Christmas parties Birmingham style, Moonlight & Mistletoe. Held just outside the city, these superb parties pack in more festive punch than a drink’s reception at Santa Claus’ Lapland cabin. Heading up a lengthy roll call of Birmingham Christmas party entertainment is not one but two live bands! Firstly the five-piece Latin, jazz and swing group will be shaking things up, before the party band bring you all of the modern-day rock and pop classics you could hope for. There’ll be a choice of three different menus (Chinese, Indian and English), casino tables, belly dancers, magicians and even Santa himself! This is one of those Birmingham Christmas parties that most certainly doesn’t do things by halves!

The UK’s second city is most certainly paving the way for live entertainment this Christmas and the trend continues over at Dance Fever on Broad Street. Guests will have the dance-tastic West End Performers to look forward to, plus Champagne and cocktail bars to complement the wonderful food on offer. Christmas parties 2011 are shaping up rather nicely and we expect Justin Bieber’s ‘Under The Mistletoe’ to soundtrack a few dances throughout the course of party season!

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