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Annoying Habits Of Work Colleagues Revealed

Whilst browsing the internet looking for blog topics, I was sent this link by a co-worker in my department saying that this would make for an interesting blog post. Hesitant as I was at the time (the last time he sent me an email it consisted of a cat “lol-speaking” a truly terrible joke) I decided to open it anyway.

The article (based on a survey conducted by the ILM) was about annoying co-worker habits and which ones were the most annoying. Unsurprisingly lateness was incredibly high on the list, with 65% (of the two thousand managers interviewed) saying that it was their biggest peeve. Dirty plates and cups left on desks came second with 63% and office gossip followed hot on its heels at 60%.

Charles Elvin, chief executive of the ILM, said: “When office-based teams work in close proximity for long periods of time, we see that seemingly trivial issues can grow disproportionately, if left unchecked, and begin to cause upset and resentment.”

We couldn’t agree more; after all anyone can get easily annoyed with other peoples habits, especially if you spend so much time together (apparently we spend on average more time with our co-workers than we do our friends!) So it’s important to keep office relations amicable and professional to avoid any tension or negativity. This can be achieved by openly discussing that annoys everyone and writing down a set of reasonable rules that everybody can adhere to.

For example these are some of the office rules at Eventa,

  • The last person to finish the milk has to go buy it
  • Wash you your own cups, plates and cutlery after every use
  • Don’t use anyone’s sauces/teas/milk/etc. without asking first
  • All mobile phones but be put on silent during work hours
  • Don’t harass co-workers during annual company parties

Saying that though, we all get along at Eventa so the harmony in the office is always pretty good, I say pretty good because there are certain situations that get us riled up, like if someone brings in cake and doesn’t share it with the whole office! Admittedly, it’s not a serious issue but  hey, they don’t say, “sharing is caring” for nothing you know!

How about you? What are your office peeves? Let us know on our Facebook page our Tweet us at @eventaparties.

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