2014 office annoyances

Office Annoyances the 2014 edition

Those of you who work in an office will understand (all too well) the pain and sometimes persistent irritations that come with working in an office. You’re forced to share space with other people who (chances are) you had no say in hiring – on a regular basis. Now that might not sound too bad after all you don’t  live to work, but when you consider the fact that the average office worker spends more time with their co-workers than their own friends. Well… the idea of maintaining a pleasant working environment suddenly goes from being ‘desirable’ to ‘mandatory’. So to help you become a commander of cubicle justice or an ambassador of office peace we’ve listed the top annoying office habits for you and suggested ways you can fix them.

Food theft

Back in the day scavenging food and stealing from slower creatures was perfectly acceptable – if you were say a small scavenging dinosaur but you’re not. You’re Dave/Donna in IT or Claire/Connor in Marketing and you’re an adult. So there’s really no excuse to steal food from another co-worker. You get paid a monthly wage too and you’re capable of buying your own food. Just because you like the look of someone else’s does not entitle you to it – no matter what position you hold. If you bring your own lunch/snacks in then I suggest you write your name on it – like you would in kindergarten. It’s a bit childish and embarrassing we know, but it’s embarrassing and childish to steal food as an adult. If the theft doesn’t stop approach someone in HR and make sure they do something about it: you should feel like your belongings are safe at work. Or could just resort to this.

Smelly food

If you have a staff room then this issue isn’t too bad as  eating smelly food in there doesn’t technically disturb anyone who is working. However smelly food at your desk is never a pleasant thing to experience. It disrupts your work flow and just generally isn’t pleasant. The best thing to do is to say something when someone is eating something pungent at their desk. Be polite but serious about it. Otherwise they may think you’re not that bothered if you sound jokey. This alone will (normally) deter the average, sane, socially capable adult from bringing in smelly food again – out of sheer embarrassment alone.

Washing up

People should just wash up. It’s that simple, you use it, you wash it afterwards. It’s an office not a hotel. Anyone who doesn’t wash up should be called up on it personally. If they don’t, then get HR involved because quite frankly if they can’t wash up after themselves then they don’t deserve the use of teaspoons… or mugs… or forks… or anything.

Skipping the tea round

We like to think of coffee and tea as liquid morale in our office. So it’s important to keep it coming, however when it starts becoming evident that only one person is making the drinks all the time, then it can lead to resentment. When faced with this dilemma there are only two things you can do – everybody makes their own tea or you actually make a tea rota system.

Ignoring printer block

If you genuinely can’t fix it then fine but if you’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to replace the paper in the paper tray then expect people who shoot you dirty looks. Always inform the appropriate people when the printer breaks because failure to do so can actually hinder everyone else’s work schedule.

Unwanted singing

If you have the radio on in the office then that’s good. What’s not good is the unpredictable sing-a-long that sometimes happens as a result of this. It’s awkward and bizarre for everyone involved. It’s made even worse if the person singing suffers from X-Factor complex whereby they think their singing is really good when in actuality it’s not. In fact it’s terrible and makes you want to break things just to release the pent up anguish. So don’t be that person, that person who thinks they could give Justin Timberlake a run for his money. Nobody likes that person.

No shoes

Why? WHY?? Nobody wants to see your feet and nobody certainly wants to smell them! For health and safety reasons alone this is rule should be adhered to. Also, the fact that this is an issue in some offices eludes me. It’s just basic etiquette to wear shoes in an office.


To end this post I thought I might as well share this amusing video of Nick Hewer’s office annoyances!

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