The different characters you’ll meet at your company Christmas party

We all love a festive knees up with our team at the end of a long working year and there’s no better way to let your hair down and have some fun than with an epic party night. But wherever you are in the world, we’re certain that you’ll meet these certain types of characters at every company celebration you go to. Do you identify with any of these characters or recognise them within your team?

The One That Peaks Too Soon

This person is always up for a brilliant night and is adamant that they’ll be the first and last one on the dance floor. However, after a few drinks before dinner, they’ll drunkenly munch through their food and engage in slurred chit-chat at their table whilst proceeding to drink more alcohol. It won’t be long until this person is encouraged to drink water

The Company Flirt

Of course, every party has a company flirt. But if you’re single, watch out if they’ve got their eye on you. They’ll probably start the night by offering to buy you a drink, hanging around with you and following you around like a lost puppy. Company flirts can be easily spotted; they’ll stand or sit uncomfortably close to the object of their affection until they realise their efforts are not working and will move onto another person.


The Talker

Think you’re enjoying a quick catch up with a chatty colleague at the bar? Then you may want to think again. The talker will literally talk your socks off and you won’t be able to get a word in edgeways. Normally, the topic of conversation will most likely be about themselves, their family or any problems that they’re having.

Once you’ve got your drink from the bar, you’ll probably be asked if you want to sit down to continue to conversation. If you’re happy to chat then say yes and go for it, but if you’re looking for an escape, make your way over to your other friends to make your get-away.

The Dark Horse

The dark horse is normally one of the more quieter members of the company. They’re polite and friendly and will just get on with their work each day. On the night of the Christmas party, they’ll be a completely different person with the help of a few drinks. They’ll lose their inhibitions, chat to everyone and be the first on the dance floor much to everyone’s surprise! They may even do something outrageous which will be sure to have them feeling totally embarrassed at work the next day!


The Crazy Dancer

Usually great for comedy value, the crazy dancer has one job – and that’s to dance. They don’t care if there’s no one else on the dance floor. They’ll take the plunge and head there themselves. They’re not even worried if everyone’s watching them. In fact, that gives them more encouragement to do some silly dancing!


One for drama, the gossiper will be sure to spill any juicy gossip about their colleagues to whoever is up for a listen. They’re not afraid to poke their nose into others business and add their own twist on the situation.

The gossiper will normally love being watched and listened to by an audience and will usually spend the duration of the night spreading salacious news before heading onto the dance floor for a boogie before the end of the night.


The Wallflower

The wallflower is particularly shy and can be seen hanging out with usually just one particular person. They can be found sitting to the side of all the action of the party and lack confidence. If you’ve got a wallflower at your party, then why not head on over, say hello and initiate chat. You never know, you may just make a new friend in the process!

The Shot Pusher

It’s half way through the night. Everyone’s enjoyed dinner and guests are flocking to the dance floor. On a trip to replenish your drink at the bar, you encounter the shot pusher. The shot pusher is overly enthusiastic about buying everyone at the bar at that moment some kind of hideous shot and simply won’t take no for an answer.

As generous as the shot pusher is, a good way to get rid of said shot is to make an excuse and offer it to someone else or accidentally spill it on the floor – just make sure you walk away before they can buy you another one!

If you’ve not yet organised your company’s festive knee’s up, then make sure you visit our Christmas party page and get planning your perfect celebration!

Four venue ideas for your festive celebration in Manchester

Christmas is simply just the most wonderful time of the year and we believe there’s no better way to celebrate with your team and enjoy a completely unforgettable experience. If you’re unsure of where to celebrate in Manchester, then why not take a look at some of these great party ideas that are available to enjoy in this buzzing city? There’s something for everyone here, so get ready for some serious festive inspiration!

Exclusive Museum Christmas Party

If you’re looking for a unique venue this festive season, then you’ve found it with this brilliant exclusive museum party! Including everything you need to enjoy a memorable evening, guests will start off by enjoying an elegant drinks reception underneath an impressive Harrier Jump Jet, before tucking into a delectable four-course dinner which are comprised of delicious, rich flavours that will be sure to delight.

The venue’s 360 cinematic experience is without a doubt one of the most striking elements of this event space. You’ll be able to choose from one of the animated HD wallpapers such as Alice in Wonderland, Santa’s workshop or Winter Wonderland.

If you’re looking to create your own bespoke theme, then the venue are more than happy to work with you to create some special of your own. After dinner, the party continues with the likes of a professional DJ and disco where guests are invited to dance the night away!

Dancing Through The Decades Exclusive Party

Are you looking for an evening where you’ll be able to experience a variety of music from the different decades? If so, look no further than this private party night situated in the heart of Manchester city centre. The theme for this year is ‘Dancing Through The Decades’, so make sure you bring your dancing shoes along with you for the occasion!

Guests will be treated to a welcome drink before settling down to a seriously tasty three-course feast from the fantastic festive menu, where there will be something scrumptious to cater for everyone’s taste buds!

After your dining experience a talented dance act will perform and will have you mesmerised by their outstanding skills. Afterwards, the dance floor will be open for business, so make your way over and transport yourselves back in time and dance through to the present day with music from the 60’s, 70’s. 80’s, 90’s, 00’s!

Winter Wonderland in Manchester Shared Party

Immerse yourself into a stunning Winter Wonderland this festive season in Manchester and enjoy a shared party experience that you and your team won’t forget! Admire the beautifully decorated event space on arrival to the party and get the evening kick-started by treating yourself to an ice-cold drink from the cash bar.

Dinner will be an extravagant experience and each table has been kitted out with stunning, glittering centrepieces to create a festive atmosphere that everyone will love. It won’t be long until the venue’s talented hospitality team will be serving up a truly divine three-course festive dinner for everyone to enjoy. You’ll be able to enjoy a succulent turkey dinner with all the trimmings or choose from the other tempting options available.

Finish off the evening and get dancing into the early hours with the venue’s brilliant resident DJ who will be playing a top array of party tunes which will promise to get everyone moving! Make this shared party your celebration of choice if you’re looking for a stunning themed evening!

Christmas Party Extravaganza Shared Party

This Christmas, you’re invited to this fantastic venue that’s situated near to Salford Quays for a festive shared celebration that you and your team won’t be forgetting! Make your way to the library on arrival where everyone will be able to enjoy a sophisticated drinks reception which will be sure to get the merriment kicked off with a bang!

Indulge in some incredible gastronomic delights for dinner and prepare to be wowed with three wonderful dishes which will ignite the senses and satisfy your hunger pangs. There’s a great choice from the wonderful Christmas menu with a range of options including sumptuous vegetarian choices too. Finish the evening by letting your hair down and partying the night away to the professional DJ and disco who has all the latest and greatest music!

For more Christmas party inspiration, then check out our venue offerings right here and get your festive celebration organised today!

Dance your way through the decades at this top location in Manchester

Transport yourself back in time and dance your way through the decades for one night only with this fantastic Christmas party night at a top location in Manchester which will be sure to delight your entire team.

With this excellent festive package, you’ll be able to enjoy a delectable three-course meal from the sumptuous festive menu. Expect full and rich flavours from the tasty starters, succulent and traditional mains and blissful desserts with something that will suit everyone’s tastes! Also included is a fantastic dance act in addition to entertainment from the venue’s professional DJ.

Being situated in the heart of Manchester, the venue is extremely easy to reach and is in close proximity to a variety of public transport options. The nearest train stations are Piccadilly and Oxford Road and for those who are intending on driving to the event, then they’ll be able to park in a car park located opposite the venue.


On the night of the event, make sure you dress to impress, because this is one evening where you’ll want to shine and stand out from the crowd! Smart party wear is advised, so make sure there’s no sign of jeans or trainers!

The friendly and attentive team will be on hand to greet each and every guest on arrival to the venue, before showing them in the direction of the exclusive party room where they’ll be spending the evening celebrating the festivities. The room will be decorated in a beautiful festive manner which will really get everyone in the mood for the best time of the year.

A welcome drink will be provided for everyone on entrance to the party which is the perfect way to mark the start of the night. Admire the lovely Christmas décor whilst sipping upon your drink and enjoy a catch up with your friends away from the office environment.


Make sure you’re feeling hungry, because the outstanding hospitality team have cooked up an incredible festive feast that’s comprised of three glorious dishes. There’s a plentiful selection on offer from the pre-set menu, which guests will be able to order in advance.

After dinner, the entertainment will begin, and first up is a talented dance act who will take your breath away with their impressive choreography. After that, it’s time make yourself acquainted with the dancefloor, where you’ll be able to experience all the best music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 00’s.

Make sure you’ve come prepared wearing your dancing shoes for this evening, because you can bet that you’ll be letting your hair down and dancing all night long with the great choice of music on offer – if there’s a certain track you’re after, then why not request it from the venue’s friendly resident DJ?


This exclusive festive package is the ideal way to finish up the end of a busy year with all of your friends and colleagues, so make sure you send an enquiry through to the venue today to ensure availability for your preferred dates?

How to make this year’s Christmas party better than last year’s

With a corporate Christmas party, we just want to give our team the best night out of the year, but if you had a great time at your office event last year, then how do you top it? The best way to find out what you can do to improve things this year is to ask your team for some valuable feedback by running some questionnaires and circulating them around the office.

This way, you’ll be able to discover what people liked, loved and what they didn’t enjoy so much. In this week’s blog article, we’ve included some areas to include in your questionnaire in order to make it the best Christmas party yet!

Work out how many people you want to send your questionnaire out to

Firstly, it’s probably a good idea to work out who to send your questionnaire to. If you’re a smallish company, then it would make sense to let everyone have their say. If you’re a much larger company, then an easier solution would be to give a questionnaire to the head of each department who will do all the research with the team. This method saves trawling through hundreds of questionnaires and extracting the data!

Shared or Exclusive

Did you have a shared party last year but this year you’re thinking of trying out something more private and intimate for you team? If so, then how about an exclusive Christmas celebration? Generally these types of celebrations are for medium sized to larger companies, however there are plenty of restaurant venues on offer for those smaller companies looking for something more private.

If you’re a small team who wants the full effects of a large-scale celebration that doesn’t compromise on an amazing atmosphere, then take advantage of our shared options and party the night away with other companies and have a laugh!

Feedback on the food

How did the food go down last year? Was there a good selection of choice for everyone? If you enjoyed a three-course sit down meal, then -perhaps you’d like to enjoy something a bit different this year such as canapes and bowl food or vice versa.

Party Date Preference

It’s definitely worthwhile adding in a selection of party dates and seeing which date is the most popular with your team. Do remember that prices tend to increase the nearer you get towards Christmas and that these kind of dates are the most popular and are likely to sell out quickly.

Entertainment options

Generally most Christmas parties come with a DJ and Disco, however maybe this year you’d like to enjoy the talents of a live band or some dancers in between your dinner and disco?

Was the Location a hit?

How did everyone find the location of the venue last year? Was it easy to access via transport or was it more of a rural location that made it that bit trickier for everyone to access. It’s worth listing a selection of potential venues and seeing what works out the best for the majority. If it’s rural, then an idea would be to organise for a coach to run everyone back to civilization at the end of the night

What did your employees think of the theme (if applicable)?

Did your Christmas celebration incorporate a theme last year? If so what did everyone think? Would you like to repeat the theme again or would you prefer to try something new? Or maybe you’d like to keep it traditional and just stick with some classic festive decorations. A good idea is to think of various themes that are available at your favoured locations and see which is the most popular amongst your team.

Whatever it is you’re after, you can count on Eventa to provide you with a great selection of venues for your Christmas party, so what are you waiting for? Send through an enquiry today!

Our Favourite Office Escapes For Summer 2017

It can be all too easy to lose motivation in the office, but having something to look forward to can actually help us focus more on the task in hand – especially a holiday. There’s nothing better than having the excitement of a holiday on its way, but if you’ve not yet got anything booked or set in stone, then perhaps it’s time to get something organised – you owe it to yourself!

It’s time to jet off, relax, rejuvenate and step back into the office feeling focused and ready to tackle the next batch of projects and tasks. Here’s our favourite office escapes for summer 2017 just in case you needed a little bit of inspiration to help you plan your next trip!


Riviera Maya, Mexico

With lively tourist attractions and picturesque scenery that looks like it’s straight off the front of a postcard, you can bet that a holiday to Riviera Maya in Mexico certainly won’t disappoint!

Situated on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, this resort is ideal for those who are looking to top up their tans, party the night away or discover about the country’s culture and historic sights.

The crystal-clear waters are a hot-spot for scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts and is home to the world’s second biggest coral reef, whilst the pure white sands of the gorgeous beaches lined by palm trees are the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. There’s also plenty of other natural beauty to absorb, including wildlife, jungles and large eco-parks.

Whilst you’re in this part of the world, you simply cannot miss an opportunity to discover the intriguing Mayan ruins on offer and explore the fantastically preserved city at Tulum. There’s a massive array of buildings to spot, including the Temple of the Descending God! If you’re looking for the ultimate in tropical paradise relaxation, then we think you’ve found it with a holiday to Riviera Maya!


Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini was the result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world which shaped the rugged landscape that it is today. The breath-taking volcanic clifftops which overlook the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, teamed with the cloudless blue skies and iconic white-washed buildings clustered on the edges of the cliffs above an underwater caldera makes Santorini a destination where romantic getaways are guaranteed.

Although it’s not typically famous for its beach scene, there are many to visit. The beaches here are of course unique and beautiful, however most of them are composed of dark volcanic sand rather than the golden sands that you’ll spot on other Greek islands.

As for activities, there’s plenty to get involved with – take the Fira Trail, one of the most talked about hikes in Santorini. You’ll discover beautiful and historic sights, so don’t forget to bring your camera along with you! Other activities include cliff jumping (if you’re brave enough!) the incredible hot springs and experiencing dinner with a view whilst watching the incredible sunset.


Venice, Italy

Situated in the Northeast of Italy, the enchanting city of Venice makes for a seriously romantic holiday with its beautiful turquoise canals, grand architecture and world famous Gondola cruises.

The city is formed of more than 100 islands, which are grouped together to make 16 districts. It’s easy to get from A to B via the intelligent and intricate canal system, which will allow you to make your way around Venice in serious style as you sit back, relax and take in the stunning scenery.

Lose yourself in the incredible history of this city with a visit to Piazza San Marco, where you’ll be able to gaze at Venice’s tallest building, the Campanile di San Marco. If you’ve got a head for heights, then make your way to the top of this attraction and enjoy spectacular views across the city and the Lido.

Afterwards, explore the character filled streets and engross yourselves in the beautiful architecture, before heading to The Gallerie dell’Accademia and discovering pre-19th century works of art at this popular museum located on the South Bank of the Grand Canal.

There really is nowhere else like it on the planet, so make sure you add this incredible floating city and World Heritage Site to your bucket list – Venice will be sure to amaze you with its artistic flair and amazing scenery!


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular destinations to visit for a holiday, and it isn’t hard to see why with its idyllic coastlines, breath-taking scenery and its stunningly vibrant collection of cities.

Situated in Southern Croatia and fronting the Adriatic Sea, the city of Dubrovnik is perhaps most famous for the beauty of its stunning Old Town. However, its shimmering marbled streets, striking baroque buildings and excellent historic sights have sent tourists in their droves to check out what this amazing city has to offer.

Hop on the cable car and take a walk around the city’s walls and forts to admire the excellent views. Although the city has reinvented itself and bounced back after the horrifying shelling in 1991, the effects of the damage are very much still evident today – you simply just have to catch a glimpse of the brightly coloured terracotta rooftops to see the extent of the damage caused.

Whilst in Dubrovnik, make sure you take a trip to Lokrum; a stunning forested island that’s filled with holm oaks, black ash and olive trees. It’s the ideal way to escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik for a day! It’s just a 10-minute ferry ride from Dubronik’s Old Harbour so it won’t take long at all!

Visiting the beaches whilst you’re here are also a must – there’s many to choose from such as the more quiet and secluded areas to those lined by restaurants and cafés which are popular with tourists.


Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

If you’re looking for an island in the Caribbean which is packed full of history, beautiful, exotic beaches and of course delicious rum, then you’ve found the right destination with a holiday to Cuba!

There’s many great places to visit, but if you’re after total relaxation, then we couldn’t recommend Cayo Santa Maria more! Part of Jardines del Rey archipelago and situated just 100 miles off the North of Cuba, this stunning island retreat features gorgeous sugar-white beaches, sparkling crystal blue waters and some fantastic spots to snorkel!

You really will feel as though you’re a million miles away with the magnificent array of lush vegetation and calming surroundings, however you won’t be too far from the thick of it all, thanks to the manmade causeway which links this area to the rest of Cuba.

Do make some time to visit Havana, Cuba’s huge metropolis that’s home to millions! Havana is filled with character, warm locals and is rich in culture – it’s the perfect way to experience the authentic Cuban way of life! Whilst you’re here, spot the incredible colonial architecture, sample the local food and sip on sumptuous cocktails made from delicious Cuban Rum! This is one Caribbean holiday that you won’t be forgetting!

If you’ve already enjoyed an escape from the office this year but still want to make the most of summer, then why not organise a summer party for your team at one of our great venues? Check out our summer party options right here and get organising your summer knee’s up now!

What you need to know to plan your ultimate Christmas party

Here at Eventa, we say that it’s never too early to start thinking about planning your ultimate Christmas party for 2017. By deciding all the important bits such as preferred location and venue now, you stand a higher chance of experiencing your dream Christmas party this festive season! We’ve rounded up some important points to consider when planning your company party so that you’re able to enjoy a totally memorable evening that you and your guests won’t forget!

Which month do you want to celebrate?

Depending on your business or company, it may be easier to hold your party in November if December is likely to be an extremely busy month at your place of work. Generally, parties outside of December are cheaper, but having it in December is a vital element for many companies. There are on occasion some venues available which offer party dates in January if a later celebration is preferred. Whatever month you decide to celebrate, it’s worth enquiring now to ensure you receive your preferred months and dates.

How big is your party size?

Getting a rough estimate of numbers for your Christmas celebration is necessary so you can decide whether you want a shared or exclusive party night. Shared party nights are ideal for those smaller companies with around 50 employees or under who will join with other companies to enjoy the experience of a larger party night that doesn’t compromise on the extravagance!

For larger groups of 50+ who want to enjoy their own private party, then we would recommend an exclusive party – you’ll have you own space, usually in a suite or function room where you’ll be able to indulge in a festive knees up with all of your friends and colleagues. If you have a smaller group, but you’d prefer something more intimate, then there are plenty of excellent restaurant venues who offer exclusive space.

Where do you want to hold the party?

Location, location location. Seriously though, knowing where you want to hold your party is a pretty important thing to know as soon as possible. Are you close to a few cities? If so, have a think about where would be the most convenient one for your team. Is it close to nearby transport options, does it offer onsite parking? Once you find your ideal venue in your desired location, we suggest sending an enquiry through on the Eventa site to give you a good chance of getting your dream venue!

How much do you want to spend?

Taking into account everything you’d like your party to include, make a sensible budget and use our handy search filter on the Eventa website. This enables you to search for potential venues by entering a minimum and maximum amount in your preferred area. From here, you’ll be presented with a page of results within your budget.

Once you’ve found a Christmas party that you like the look of, simply send a enquiry through and you’ll be contact by the venue who will send you out a proposal and get you on the way to planning your dream Christmas party!

Money Saving Hacks For Christmas 2017

We’re aware that it’s the start of Spring and that the thought of Christmas just seems ridiculous right now. But in all honesty, there’s never been a more appropriate time to start saving for Christmas 2017. We’ve compiled a list of some rather handy money saving hacks which will help spread the cost of the festive season throughout your year, so that everything isn’t such a humungous shock to your bank balance when it gets to December!

Enjoy in-store promotions throughout the year

Make sure you grab deals when you see them throughout the year and end up saving money – whether it’s Father’s Day offers, deals in Summer and Autumn or just sale items that you think are fitting as gifts for Christmas for your friends and family, just buy them and pop them away until December!


Coupons and promo codes

Coupons and promo codes – what’s not to love? If you’re shopping for something online, then have a quick google before you proceed to the checkout for a cheeky promo code. Even if it’s just 10% off or free delivery, then it’s definitely worthwhile!

Keeping an eye out for coupons are also a great idea. Or if you’re particularly passionate about a certain product or brand, then why not write up to head office and declare your love for their product/brand. You never know, they may just send you some money off coupons in the post just for being a dedicated customer!

Take Advantage of Early Bird Christmas Party Offers

We know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would anyone be thinking about booking their company Christmas party right now? Well if we told you that many businesses and companies have already booked their festive shindigs, you may just be surprised.

But really, this is a pretty sensible thing to do. Not only is the planning all out of the way saving stress later in the year, but many venues offer special early bird rates for those who look to book earlier, meaning that there’s a pretty penny to be saved. In addition, it’s also a good idea to book early to ensure that your preferred locations and dates are available.


Cashback Websites

If you’re a big online shopper, then make sure you sign up to a reputable cashback website such as Quidco or Topcashback, where you’ll be rewarded with a percentage of your purchase simply for shopping online! It’s a great way to earn money for what you’d be buying anyway and is ideal for using towards Christmas!

Creative Gift Ideas

There’s nothing more personal than making gifts for friends and family, so why not give some crafts a go throughout the year? How about making your own marmalade or preserves or perhaps you’ve always wanted to create your own scented candles or jewellery? You’ll then be able to tuck these away for the festive season!

Creative gifts are a great idea as plenty of time and effort along with thought has been put into their making. Plus, it means there’s lots of opportunities for you to try your hand at a few craft activities in 2017!


Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to save money on presents for adult friends or family. Simply set a budget and secretly draw names from a hat. Alternatively, Elfster is a great website to draw names for free. Just head to the site and list the email addresses of everyone taking part and the site will email everyone individually to inform them of their secret Santa! Typically, work secret Santa’s are meant to be jokey, but with family or friends, we always think it’s nice to put a bit of effort in and treat them to something that they’ll actually like!


Indulge in a Luxurious Christmas Party Night in Reading this Festive Season

The annual Christmas celebration is one of the most anticipated events on the work social calendar, so make sure you give your team an evening that they won’t forget with this fantastic shared party night at one of Reading’s finest venues. An exclusive event is also available for those companies seeking a private occasion.

Situated in the heart of Reading, this elegant grade two listed townhouse simply oozes luxury with its opulent décor and magnificent features and will be guaranteed to wow your guests with its lavish style and atmosphere. The venue has been described by the Evening Standard as the ‘UK’s sexiest Townhouse’ thanks to its striking design which will really get everyone talking.


On the night of the event, throw on your best attire because this Christmas celebration is all about looking your best and standing out amongst the crowd! The party night will kick off at 7:00pm, where on arrival, everyone will be provided with a warm welcome from the dedicated staff who will be on hand to direct each guest to the party room where they’ll spend the evening.

Once inside, why not treat yourselves to a drink from the bar and enjoy having a catch up with your friends and colleagues away from the office before being seated for dinner at your beautifully decorated Christmas table.


It won’t be long until each guest is served a delicious feast that’s comprised of three tasty courses. Each dish is created using the freshest ingredients around by the venue’s outstanding hospitality team who will be sure to cook up an incredible fusion of flavour. The food and drink served will reflect the grand ambience and architecture at this decadent property, all of which will be true to their identity and taste.

After your three-course meal, savour the freshly baked mince pies along with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea to cleanse the palate which will really get you into the Christmas spirit.

The rest of the evening awaits on the dancefloor, where the venue’s professional DJ will be setting scene with their excellent selection of party tracks which will be sure to have everyone loosening up and letting their hair down! Expect all those classic hits from the past, right through to the latest and greatest from the present day. If you’re not quite ready for the dancefloor yet, then why not head to bar and purchase a couple more of your favourite drinks to get you in the mood for a spot of dancing!


If you’d prefer a festive meal by day, then this excellent venue also offers a shared Christmas lunch event. Each guest will be treated to three sumptuous courses which will be served on your very own beautifully decorated table. Freshly brewed tea and coffee will be served alongside traditional mince pies shortly after your dessert to complete the dining experience.

Whether you’re interested in this venue’s shared Christmas party or festive lunch, make sure you book your places now to avoid any disappointment and enjoy a fantastic celebration with all your colleagues!

Five things to do in Manchester in the summer for free

Manchester is a great city that’s filled with plenty to do throughout the year, with many venues available for both summer and Christmas parties. But with the warmer weather on its way, there’s never been a better reason to get outside and explore the city. The good news is that there’s a whole load of excellent things to take advantage of in this vibrant city which won’t cost you a penny. So get out there and discover just what this amazing city has on offer with our five things to do in Manchester in the summer for free!

Take a trip to Heaton Park and have a picnic

Heaton Park is the biggest park in the Northwest, covering an area of 600 acres. There’s many of areas of interest to visit within the park along with many spots to enjoy a tasty picnic! A trip to beautiful Heaton Park is ideal for friends and family and there’s some fantastic play areas within the park for children to enjoy and there’s also a farm too. There’s also various historic sights to spot such as Temple and the Western Pleasure grounds and there’s a boating lake too.

If you fancy treating yourselves to some food and drink, then there’s eateries situated at the Stable Block and The Boathouse. In addition, you’ll also find The Hidden Gem café which is located at Heaton Park Garden Centre, where you’ll find a selection of delicious homemade cakes and pastries, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Admire Manchester’s botanical gardens

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat away from the city centre, make your way to the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens and enjoy exploring 21 acres of beautiful, exquisite gardens where you’ll be able to admire many antiquated and unusual plants and flowers. Lose yourself in these tranquil surroundings and take in the sounds of peaceful birdsong – you’ll feel like you’re hundreds of miles away from the busy hustle and bustle of city life.

Download a walking tour app and discover the city

Discover more about this fascinating city with this free walking tour app – a digital guide all about the city of Manchester. From the city’s iconic landmarks to defining moments and exciting places to go, this is a great app for those who are both new to the city or for those who already live in Manchester. So download the app, throw on your trainers and get walking!

Visit a Museum

There’s a brilliant selection of Museums to visit in Manchester, but our favourites would have to be The Museum of Science and Industry and The Imperial War Museum North. The Museum of Science and Industry is devoted to the development of Science, technology and industry and here, you’ll be able to enjoy special exhibitions that are running throughout the summer such as Wonder Materials, Power, Creative Wonder Materials and many more. The Imperial War Museum North is the place to go to discover how the war affected the lives of people and society and promises an informative day out for everyone.

Check out an art gallery

There’s an excellent choice of Art Galleries in this lively city where you’ll see the work of both UK and International artists. The Manchester Art Gallery opened in 1842 and currently occupies three buildings which feature a civic art collection with plenty to see. For historic and contemporary exhibitions, then The Whitworth Art Gallery is the one for you and is just a short journey from the city centre.


Finishing touches for your garden party

There’s nothing quite like gathering your friends and family together in the warmer weather and enjoying a garden party at home. Think succulent BBQ food, tasty and refreshing cocktails, hilarious games and of course, some all-round brilliant company and you’re guaranteed the perfect afternoon and evening. You’ve probably got all the essentials ready for the party, but how about adding some fun and vibrant accessories to your party for those finishing touches? We’ve listed our favourite accessory ideas that everyone will love, so get ready for some serious garden party inspiration!

Large Glass Dispenser

These large glass drink dispensers are brilliant for parties – create your own party punch, make large quantities of cocktails or how about creating your very own supply of Primm’s? We recommend purchasing a couple and having a non-alcoholic option in addition to an alcoholic offering so you’ve got something special for the non-drinkers too!


Fun Plates and Napkins

Who needs standard white paper plates and napkins when you can jazz things up with colourful patterned outdoor dining accessories? We love these quirky flaming plates and napkins which teamed together make a fun and striking party table. These bright designs feature tropical leaves and watercolour-look flamingo design making them ideal for a spring or summer garden party.


Plastic Cocktail Glasses and Cups

It’s always sensible to have non-breakable items of crockery for your garden party, but if you want something a bit more exciting than a standard and plain paper cup, then how about some reusable plastic cocktail glasses and cups? Your cocktails and drinks will feel that much tastier drinking out of something more stylish and you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet by not throwing them away!



We love a piñata here at Eventa and so will you and all of your party guests. A piñata is a great party game for outside, especially if there’s children present. Everyone will take it in turns to whack the piñata in the hope of it breaking open and spilling out its stash of sweet treats. It’s plenty of fun for both kids and adults!



If you’re going for a shabby chic meets bake-off garden party theme, then you absolutely must have some colourful bunting hanging to give it that authentic feel. If you’ve got time, then you could have a go at creating your own on the sewing machine or alternately you could just buy them and save yourself the job. Whatever you choose to do, you know that they’ll look great and is the ideal decoration to finish off your party look!


Photo Booth Props

Obviously, there’s going to be plenty of photos taken during the evening and if you want to create some amusing memories, then make sure you purchase some photo booth props for your garden event. You don’t actually need to have a photo booth at your party, you can just use them to create plenty of ‘lol’ moments which you’ll be able to capture!



Outdoor Party Lighting

Outdoor lighting really does set the scene for continuing the party into the evening once the sun’s gone down. It’s a beautiful way to give your garden the sparkle it deserves and is an effective way of providing the ideal amount of light for your guests. The great news is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor area is – whether you’ve got a courtyard garden that’s on the smaller side of things or a bigger garden that features large and tall trees, there’s something out there for every garden.


If you’re looking to plan a corporate summer party, then look no further than our great selection and give your team a fantastic summer treat!

Enjoy a Corporate Summer Celebration on Manchester’s Fantastic Quayside

Boasting a beautiful quayside that offers excellent views of MediaCity UK and the Quays, this incredible museum venue makes for the perfect space to celebrate an exclusive corporate summer party which will include everything that you could possibly ask for!

This venue is completely unique and unlike any other venue in the UK with its spectacular 360-degree digital backdrop which is available for every party or event. If you’re looking to create your very own bespoke theme, then the venue is flexible and their dedicated technical experts will be on hand to work with you and help you create a personalised theme especially for your event.


Alternatively, you could use one of the venue’s existing themes such as the captivating Manchester skyline, a stunning Art Deco era backdrop or why not go all out with the quirky Alice in Wonderland theme?

On the night of the event, everyone will arrive to a stylish alfresco drinks reception on the Quayside which will be sure to impress each and every guest. A choice of either a refreshing cocktail or a bubbly Prosecco reception is available to enjoy whilst admiring the stunning views and having a catch up with your colleagues away from the office.

summer-2-compressor (2)

Make sure that you’re hungry, because the talented hospitality team have cooked up a sumptuous feast that’s filled with a plethora of gastronomic delights! A hot or cold summer buffet menu is available, however if you’d prefer the option to enjoy a three-course seated meal, then this is offered at a small additional cost per guest plus VAT.

With exclusive hire of the main exhibition area available until 1:00am, the fun doesn’t have to stop after you’ve all enjoyed your dining experience. Those summer vibes will continue to flow well into the night with entertainment from the venue’s professional DJ. Treat yourselves to some drinks before making your way onto that dancefloor where you’ll be spoiled with all the latest and greatest party anthems – there’s never been a more appropriate moment to let loose and have a laugh!

19.01.13 Photo credit : Phil Tragen

Also included with this summer party is a surround sound digital PA system, lectern, microphone and staging, in addition to a stylish red carpet and LED uplighters at the Quayside entrance for the ultimate VIP experience.

The venue can arrange for coach transport from the city centre to the venue and back to make life that bit easier for your team. If anyone is looking to stay overnight, then the venue will be able to organise special rates at some nearby hotels that boast an excellent reputation.

This fantastic exclusive summer party package is available as an early bird offer for just £36.95 + VAT per guest, so ensure you make your party booking as soon as possible to ensure availability for your preferred dates and avoid any disappointment! This innovative and dynamic event space truly is one of a kind, so you can be sure that you and your party guests will experience a massively unforgettable evening!