Mixing it up with Eventa and Cocktails

It’s a tough life at the Eventonian offices. We’re always going out of the office on jobs. We go out finding new products that we can bring to our clients to improve their corporate event. Why only last night our team trekked out to one of our new cocktail making suppliers to sample a range of delicious, innovative cocktails. It’s hard, difficult work but somebody has to do it I guess.

Here in the heart of Brighton we sampled a variety of alcohol infused delights. Any of which Eventa can bring to your corporate event. The backdrop to our night? A mixology bar which is equal parts a scientist’s lab and a bartender’s dream. Picture the ultimate man cave, countless bottles on the walls, and you have an idea of what we’re dealing with here.

Starting as we mean to go on, things kicked off with a shot of tequila. Generally most people’s impression of tequila is it’s where you end up after a few too many and the taste is generally salt, lemon and instant regret. This was not the case for us.

Our tequila was paired up with sangrita (NOT sangria) a non-alcoholic Mexican drink which is traditionally served alongside tequila. The two flavours tremendously complimented one another. However the real show stealer was the tequila. It was served in a specially designed glass which also held a small amount of dry ice. The dry ice creates the billowing ‘smoke’ effect you can see in the below picture. It improves the flavour and aroma of the spirit. And it looks cool. Really cool. Really, really cool.

Dry ice makes a fantastic statement, and if you’re looking for a ‘wow’ factor at your event, then look no further.


Tequila, dry ice and sangrita

After this we got a little hands on. We were each provided with our own delicious gin and tonic, but we were then encouraged to create our own ‘infusions’ using a range of ingredients from blueberries to thyme to red pepper flakes to create our own twist on the classic cocktail.

 This made for a fantastically fun and interactive experience, as everyone talks about their drinks (along with plenty of tasting). Sessions like this can be ideal as a team building activity, bonding a small group in a fun and interactive atmosphere.


A gin and tonic done right

As you can see from the above picture, this time the dry ice was contained within a ‘cage’ (the black device in the glass). Although ingesting a small amount of dry ice is totally harmless, safety is always a priority for our bartenders. And although it detracts from the air of reckless hedonism we like to give off, it is an important thing to keep in mind.

Our next delight was cocktail canapés. If you imagine the kind of ‘Vodka Jelly’ which is a staple at so many 18 year olds house parties – well… you’d be a million miles away from what this is. Essentially condensing the flavour of a cocktail into a delicious bite sized portion, they’re fantastic for receptions and a whole range of corporate events.

 And the wow factor? They explode with neon light when under a black light. If you’re looking for a really jaw dropping addition to your event, bringing these ‘glow-in-the-dark’ canapés and a large black light to your corporate hospitality is a sure-fire way to impress guests.


Our cocktail canapés in light, and in neon

From here the cocktail concoctions and wonders started coming thick and fast. There’s everything from Margarita’s that use a salt ‘foam’. To ‘dessert’ cocktails that blend the best of sweet desert dishes and decadent cocktails into one glass of deliciousness.


A Margarita with a salt ‘air’

Dessert Cocktail

You can’t decide between a cocktail, or a dessert? Why not both?

As an avowed whisky lover – the thing that really impressed me was the usage of ‘airs’. A wee dram of some rather fine scotch was given a visually dramatic, and aromatically delicious, addition. The aromatic air enrichens the flavour of the scotch as well as looking cool (Have I mentioned how cool all of these drinks were yet?). It provided a perfect example how important smell is in taste. Not that it’s particularly difficult to excite me when the concept is essentially “You know that delicious whisky stuff? Imagine if we made it ever better!”

Air Whisky

Believe me when I say this was delicious

Now of course we love getting to taste all these cocktails, but we are actually doing important research. I’m going to anticipate your ‘Yeah rights’ and say that its experiences like these that give us the inspiration to make your events incredible. Seeing our new mixologist and this kind of forward thinking approach to bartending gives us endless ways to give a little excitement to your corporate event.

At Eventa we believe in bespoke event experiences. The usage of dry ices and airs is obviously a vast improvement on the hastily mixed vodka and orange juices you may be used to, but the applications don’t end there. Cocktail making is a hugely popular and effective team building activity. Beyond that? How about having a bespoke signature cocktail created for your event?

These are only a few ideas that we can come up with. Why not contact our team at 01273 225 078 to talk to one of our account managers. After getting your brief for a Christmas party, team building activity, or corporate event of any type – we can get to work creating memorable experiences for you and your team.

How the Rugby World Cup has Inspired Eventa’s Team Building


 The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is in full flow. Over its 44 days, some 4 billion people will be watching nearly 4,000 minutes of Rugby action. And already lots has happened to talk about – while it’s been business as usual for champions New Zealand, Japan became part of one of the sport’s biggest ever upsets when they defeated South Africa. Despite playing against a South Africa team full of experience and World Cup winners, Japan prevailed with a game plan that relied on hard-work and team-coordination.

Japan Rugby Team

Japan celebrating at the Amex after their historic victory over South Africa in Brighton

Seeing the camaraderie of the Japanese team, and the 19 other teams in the World Cup has proved to be a source of inspiration for team building companies. A far cry from the usual whining and complaining that we see whenever the Premiership teams like Manchester United and Chelsea play, the Rugby World Cup has shown teams overcoming adversity by working together.

One of the ways that the RWC has been brought to the world of team building is providing a twist on the GPS treasure hunt. Called Scrum Challenge, and coinciding with the Rugby World Cup it’s a competitive and energising activity that has something for everyone – even if you don’t know your rucks from your mauls.

Scrum Challenge

We decided to put Scrum Challenge to the test, after all, we don’t just provide team building experiences, we go on them too. We do it to get to know our products better… and possibly because any excuse to indulge our fun seeking and recklessly competitive side is appreciated, and the fact it finished in a local watering hole is just the cherry on the cake.

Scrum Challenge: Team Building

Regardless of why we embarked on our Scrum Challenge, it provided to be an evening of absolute fun. The Eventa Group is a company with many departments who may not see each other on a day-to-day basis. So an event that has everyone from across the company working together means you may be playing alongside team members you usually don’t get to interact with. But in such a fun environment, the ice is instantly broken.

A GPS treasure hunt such as Scrum Challenge sees your team equipped with a state of the art Wi-Fi-Enabled tablet. The location that you’re in is transformed into a map full of ‘hotspots’, and whenever your team reaches one of these hotspots you activate a challenge. Challenges include trivia questions about the World Cup Nations as well as photo challenges.

You might picture things as a leisurely stroll around your city or town (in our case beautiful Brighton), but rest assured, this quickly degrades into a mad rush from hot spot to hot spot where you resemble a headless chicken more than anything else.

Tablet Map

What your GPS Scrum Challenge Map looks like, populated with Rugby and Flag icons

Our Experience

Our Scrum Challenge started off at Eventa HQ. We were separated into teams and each team was provided with a Tablet, after arguing about who would – and more importantly, wouldn’t – be responsible for the valuable piece of state of the art technology we took our team selfies and gave ourselves Rugby themed team names. Particular highlights included the Yummy Scrummies and the Mother Ruckers (that thoughtful, deeply meaningful name was courtesy of yours truly).


Just a few of the beautiful people of the Eventa Group

After some kind words of encouragement (meaning; insults) to the other teams we set off in different directions to complete as many challenges as we could in the time limit before meeting back at a pub to review our team building event and its success.

As we all set off in a different direction, each team encountered different challenges along the way…

Challenge: Recreate Lady and the Tramp

Challenge: Recreate ‘that scene’ from Lady and the Tramp

Some of these showed our creativity…

… While others did not…

OrigamiChallenge: Make origami and take a picture, not as you may have assumed ‘Challenge: Take picture of random crumpled pieces of paper’

One of the most fun things about our Scrum Challenge team building activity was using the interactive GPS tablet. It’s easy and intuitive to use. Your tablet doesn’t just show your position and the location of hotspots, it also shows a live leader board (so you can see how well/badly you’re doing) and the position of other teams which adds a fun level of competition.

The GPS location ability of the tablets is incorporated into your challenges too. For example, using the app to locate the other teams:

HandshakeChallenge: Find a member of a different team and shake their hand

As the Scrum Challenge went on, competitive levels began to surge, even with the challenges getting more and more ridiculous. Many of them including interacting with unlucky members of the public.

Some of these challenges didn’t go fantastically…

Challenge: Greet a member of the public like an old friend or alternatively, Challenge: Make an unfortunate member of the public feel uncomfortable for several awkward seconds

… But others were resounding successes …

Challenge: Grab as many people as you can to make the biggest scrum

The above Video Challenge was one of the ‘Golden Ball’ challenges. Throughout our team building activity we were set a variety of similar challenges. Our Event Manager would send these tasks through to our tablets at random intervals. The punishment for not completing these challenges in the time limit? A in-keeping-with-the-theme ‘sin bin’ punishment.

Sin Bin

With the clock ticking, it became a race back to the finish line for a well-earned celebratory drink. All the images and videos found in this blog (and many more that weren’t fit to post) made up a fantastic finale presentation. Each team laughed and cringed in equal parts as we watched ourselves and saw how we’d all done across our challenges. A winning team was announced, medals handed out and good times had by all.

The Result

By bringing everyone together for this shared experience it not only acted as a finale to our team building event, but created and strengthened bonds. I mentioned earlier in this blog that Eventa is a company with diverse departments who don’t usually see one another, but the Scrum Challenge gives everyone something to talk about and bond over, even with colleagues we may not usually be interacting with day-to-day.

In all of the team building activities that Eventa run, we ensure that we both provide fun and deliver business objectives. An event which is just fun is unlikely to be hugely effective long term, but equally an objective focused team building activity is likely to bore your team.


Whether you’re a dedicated rugby head or you were shocked to find out the Haka isn’t a sound that people with the flu make, it’s an event for all abilities. The Rugby World Cup provides a source of inspiration for Team Building Activities, and events like Scrum Challenge can forge your company in a world beating team.

To bring the Scrum Challenge, or any of our other beneficial team building products to your team it all starts with speaking to one of our expert account managers today!



Eventa meets Celeb Chefs Tom Kerridge and Marcus Wareing at #VE15 in London

Our corporate account managers pride themselves on knowing exactly which venue space will suit each client brief perfectly. In order to keep up with all the exciting new venues and quirky event spaces us Eventonians follow the latest trade press, and attend as many industry events as our busy schedules allow.

One of the most important trade events of the year is Square Meal’s Venue and Events Show. Held at Old Billingsgate in the heart of London, it’s an incredible venue with a real ‘wow’ factor. Where better to showcase some of THE best restaurants, hotels and event suppliers than one of London’s best venue spaces?

Old Billingsgate

September is our busiest month for booking Christmas parties, our team split in two to sample both days of the event. While one team held down the fort back at Eventa HQ, the other half came to the show to meet with business partners and new suppliers, as well as getting to enjoy someone else putting on the event for change! On day one, we sent down some of the real foodies of the team in the shape of Megan, our Corporate Event Organiser, Kate, our Head of Corporate Events and Dearen, our newest Corporate Account Manager.

We enjoyed some fantastic weather in London. The first day of Autumn making the iconic Old Billingsgate Market look truly spectacular in Autumnal sun. We have a busy day of seminars and taster masterclasses, but Event shows allow us a lovely opportunity to get out the office and bond during a time of year we’re busy perfecting corporate parties for our clients. It’s great to see so many new venues all under one roof and we spend our time in seminars learning about these fantastic spaces, as well as spending time maintaining quality suppliers and business contacts.

Being event organisers, we love to get involved. So the wide range of hands-on activities are fantastic, giving us the chance to test out a whole range of suppliers. We join the Cactus Kitchen canapé workshop – the work of the renowned chef Michel Roux Jr. As well as all being foodies, we’re a competitive team as well – so we make sure that we win our challenge!

Feeling very satisfied with ourselves and our expertise, convinced that we could become chefs if we desired we bump into Marcus Wareing. One of the very best known celeb chefs of the moment. His pedigree as a Two Michelin Star winner, as well as a judge on Masterchef: The Professionals puts us in our place, though we do remember to ask for a cheeky snapshot and have a quick chat.


As we’re off to one of our last venue meetings we bump into Tom Kerridge. You’ll perhaps recognise him from a whole range of TV shows including Food and Drink, or perhaps his country pub, the Hand and Flowers – which enjoys a deserved reputation as one of the world’s best gastropubs (with Two Michelin Stars), and a waiting list over a year long. We were so delighted to meet him that he was happy to stop off on his even-busier-than-ours-schedule to say hello and get a snap with the Eventa team.

Tom Kerridge


Day One of the Event and Venue show was a hugely successful one for all involved. And Day Two looks be just as fun. We’re getting sent images from the rest of our team who are there today.. and it looks like they’re having some fun in the Super Booth!

Photo Booth

The Eventa team are always on the lookout for new ideas, new venues and new suppliers so we can provide our clients with the very best events. We provide a whole range of services from venue finding to theming, from booking team building activities to throwing some of the best Christmas bashes around.

Whatever your corporate event need, we’d love to hear from you so contact our events team and we’ll see if our expertise can help you.