Your favourite cocktails – how calorific they REALLY are

Summer’s in full swing, which means two things – health kicks and calorific cocktails! However if you’re wondering why you’re struggling to shed the pounds (even though you’ve been hitting the gym) we have some sad news: your favourite cocktail tipples contain a ton more calories than you thought. The scrumptious combination of spirits, juices, fresh fruits, and … Continue reading Your favourite cocktails – how calorific they REALLY are

The Best Networking Events In Brighton

It isn’t always easy to find ways to network with other like-minded individuals within your industry, however this is becoming far more easier over time, with sites now purely dedicated to event management. If you are interested in meeting other business focused individuals in Brighton then have a read through our list. Brighton SEO Despite … Continue reading The Best Networking Events In Brighton

Belbin’s Team Role Theory

Probably the most well known theorist around teamwork in the workplace is Dr Meredith Belbin. Belbin strongly believed that everyone had a specific role within the team and success was strongly based on the teams ability to highlight the individuals strengths and weaknesses and then to assign roles accordingly. The main appeal to this thought-track … Continue reading Belbin’s Team Role Theory

John Adair’s Leadership Theory

With over a million people taking the the Action Centred Leadership Programme, John Adair is certainly one of the most powerful figures and theorists on leadership. Born in 1934, he became a professor at Surrey University, focusing purely on leadership qualities and how to lead a team. He was actually the first professor to ever … Continue reading John Adair’s Leadership Theory

Meet the Eventa Team – Sian Nannan

This month on the Eventa blog we get to meet Product Executive, Sian Nannan! Sian works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we offer one of the widest selections of office Christmas parties, summer parties, and team building events you’ll find. Let’s find out more… How long have you been part of the Eventa … Continue reading Meet the Eventa Team – Sian Nannan