Life as a fashion blogger… Dawn Higgins interview

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As a social media editor, I like to keep up with bloggers who inspire me and who are current. Dawn Higgins, the owner of is by far one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I started following her Instagram a … Continue »


The top UK cities to find a job in the Events industry

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Want to work in the events industry? Not sure where all the events jobs are? We’ve got you covered… Whether you’re new to the events industry, or you’re looking to further your career, a career in events can bring with … Continue »


Working in the events industry

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Asking a bunch of people what they thought about working in the events industry,  majority answered attending parties and staying out late with “fancy people”. This is not entirely wrong, because attending the parties is very important, however event management … Continue »


Lets talk cocktails

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When did cocktails become part of our lives?  Where did they come from? Who drank the first ever cocktail and what was it? I have no idea, however 1803 was the year when the first article about cocktails came out. It is … Continue »


The weirdest interview questions…

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Job interviews are hard work, not to mention completely exhausting and kind of scary. I used to feel so knackered after an interview; all the nerves, the anticipation; the pressure….It truly is too much sometimes. So it only makes sense … Continue »

Entrepreneur Tips

The Trials and Tribulations of being an Entrepreneur with Rob Hill

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It goes without saying that setting up your own business can be one of the toughest things you can do to with pretty much everything being a ‘first’ in a process of treading new ground. Having been in business for … Continue »


The top London events you should attend this year

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June Ahh here it is, the wonderful month of June, bringing us sunny days and brighter evenings. The taste of London is happening from the 18th until the 22nd of June. Enter a world of exquisite cuisine and fancy eating. … Continue »

red lips

The Red Lippy Project Week

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Cancer research suggests that cervical cancer is the 11th most common cancer type in women. The fact that we have the opportunity to actually get regular check-ups is a great thing. When detected in time, it can save your life. … Continue »

2014 office annoyances

Office Annoyances the 2014 edition

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Those of you who work in an office will understand (all too well) the pain and sometimes persistent irritations that come with working in an office. You’re forced to share space with other people who (chances are) you had no … Continue »

Top Event Management Smartphone Apps for 2014

Top Event Management Smartphone Apps for 2014

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Want your event to go swimmingly? Then you’ll need to cast an eye over our list of the top event management apps for 2014. Whether you’re looking to keep your team in check, offer a bit more to your event … Continue »

Office Party Planning

The 47 Stages of Planning an Office Party

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1.   Make a large cup of coffee and crack open a Red Bull – its party planning time… 2.   First up, find a date everyone can make. Send ‘reply all’ e-mail with a closing image of a cat … Continue »

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