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Perth is a city of opposites. It is a sprawling cosmopolis, a centre of business and industry, but one that’s surrounded by the tranquil glens and lochs of the Perthshire countryside. It’s an ancient city, and one that was considered the ‘capital of Scotland’ due to its proximity to Scone, but it is the newest city in Scotland having only been awarded city status in 2012 as part of the Diamond Jubilee. These opposites in the ‘Fair City’ make it a fantastic source for venues, just due to their sheer diversity.

The Christmas party – it’s much more than a few drinks at the office. It’s become an essential part of a business’s calendar. A time to reward your team for their hard work, to make them feel appreciated, to foster bonding amongst colleagues (and to just have a good time). Perth is always a great location for corporate events, from team-building exercises such as adventure days in Perthshire, to summer events on the South Inch – and that doesn’t stop for Christmas. Perth is a fantastic location for Christmas.

Perth Shared Christmas Parties

If you’re on a budget then a shared party is probably the one for you. As you can probably guess from the name, a shared party is where your venue space is shared with other companies and you can all mingle together. Due to the shared nature of the event you can still get access to the larger, more expensive venues. So browse the below packages to see if any of them will suit you and your team, and if you don’t see anything that catches your eye, remember to keep checking back. Venues will be listing with Eventa right up to the big day.

Perth Exclusive Christmas Parties

Want to make your event a little more special? Then an exclusive event might be for you. You’ll get private access to your venue space. And with that private access there comes a little more creative freedom to make the event feel truly ‘yours’. To help with that, you’ll receive your own dedicated event organiser who’ll be assigned to making your party feel purely bespoke. From theming, through to additional catering and drink package options, it’s all about ensuring you get your ideal event.

With that in mind if none of the below packages seem to fit your needs, then do get in contact with our team. Our account managers can be reached at 01273 225 078 or and from that point of contact we will get started building your bespoke event.

Popular Christmas Party Themes in London

As you may know – theming is great way to breathe a fresh twist into any event. And since our inception in 2009, we’ve noticed that certain themes seem to come in and out of vogue. Currently, one of the most popular themes is a Carnival theme. Where the whole focus is on making you feel like a super star for one night, a real VIP experience. 

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