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An increasingly essential part of the business social calendar is the Christmas party. Where once a glass of Prosecco in the office would cut it, now a little more is expected. It’s a reward for the team, for all of their hard work throughout the year. It’s a fantastic way to show that they’re appreciated. And it’s a fantastic way to have a good time! Newbury is home to some huge company offices, such as Vodafone and Bayer – and with such big companies, the venues in turn have adapted to such prestigious clients. In Newbury you’ll find only the highest levels of hospitality, as you might expect from a location that has experience with big events such as the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury Racecourse.

In summer, Newbury is a fantastic venue location. Or more accurately, the outskirts of Newbury are. In Summer, the landscape of Berkshire becomes a playground for events. The country manors that dot the area are ideal backdrops to summer soirees. For the Christmas though, often the best parties happen within Newbury itself. There’s a huge range of listed venues, that can provide traditional Christmas events, the kind that wouldn’t look out of place on a Christmas card. And this is alongside the modern, corporate venues that are hugely adaptable for theming – providing a blank canvas for all your party ideas.

Newbury Exclusive Christmas Parties

For some of those big companies or company departments who are based in Newbury, an exclusive event is probably what you’re after. Your venue is just that – yours. You have unparalleled private access for you and your colleagues, and with that you also receive a creative freedom. At Eventa we specialise in bespoke parties and this means that we will adapt the party to fit you. From theming to entertainment, to the small touches like adding in a welcome drink, your dedicated event organiser will work with you to ensure that the party you receive is tailored to you.

Newbury Shared Christmas Parties

If you’re a smaller team, or maybe looking to make your budget go a little further, then a shared event is the one for you. It’s becoming an increasingly popular avenue to go down for the Christmas party. Partly because it allows you access to some of the bigger venues without compromising on what your package includes, and partly due to the networking opportunities that it provides. Although we do recommend that you don’t spend your entire evening doing that – it is Christmas after all!

Popular Theming for Newbury Christmas Parties

To theme or not to theme, that is the question. At Eventa we’ve been arranging parties across the country since 2009, and in our opinion theming is always a great idea. It doesn’t always have to be overwhelming, if you’re worried about losing some of the traditional aspects of Christmas, you’ll still get all those fun little touches like crackers and the obviously essential Christmas Dinner! However a little theming can go a long way. A few inspirational touches can make a good party great, a few examples of this are listed below. But if there’s nothing that catches your eye then please do contact our team at 01273 225 078 for some impartial advice about theming, your event, and how to deliver a great party in Newbury this festive season!

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