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Nestled between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Livingston offers something different. Having been designated a new town in 1962, it’s full of fresh modern spaces that are ideally suited to corporate events. That’s something that’s handy due to the number of companies in Livingston. It’s a town that rapidly expanded at the heart of the ‘Silicon Glen’ and even today, over 1,000 companies are listed in the area. The Christmas party is an essential part of any team’s corporate calendar. Nowadays a few beers at the office doesn’t really cut it, there’s an expectation for something better. Luckily Livingston is full of fantastic venues, and Eventa is here to take care of all your party needs.

Inside the city itself there are a range of charming hotels full of modern amenities, whereas those looking for a more classic touch may be interested in one of the manors or country houses that litter the West Lothian landscape and provide fantastic backdrops for Christmas events.

Livingston Shared Christmas Parties

Livingston and the surrounding West Lothian landscape has been named and rated as the happiest place in Scotland. And that’s just one of the many reasons that a shared Christmas party is ideal in Livingston. Not only do you get to share the venue space with other friendly local teams, but a shared event is a great way to explore some of the larger venues in the area, if you happen to be a smaller team. We’ve seen increasing interest in shared parties in Livingston and dates found in our below packages are being snapped up quickly. If none of the below shared parties are quite right for you, do remember to keep checking back to Eventa’s website as new venues list with us daily, and the perfect one for you might be right around the corner.

Livingston Exclusive Christmas Parties

If you’re a larger team, the exclusive party is the way to go. Your venue is just that – yours! You get private access to the space, and as you’re the only team there, you get a level of creative freedom. However, we wouldn’t just leave you to try and organise a party. That’s why all of Eventa’s exclusive events will receive their own dedicated event organisers – a dedicated member of our team who has all the know-how to make your ideal event a reality in Livingston. All of our events are bespoke, and we’ll build the package from the ground up to ensure it’s totally tailored to you – so on the day you get an event that’s unique and that’s perfect for you.

Themed Christmas Parties in Livingston

As you know, a great theme can make a party. And in Livingston the most popular theme this year is the Hollywood theme. Your dreams of super-stardom are made real for one incredible night that’s a truly premier experience! However if another theme is what you were after, you can browse through some of our favourites. Or contact a member of our event team at 01273 225 078 or for some impartial advice about your Christmas in Lothian.

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