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Inverness has a heritage that goes back to the Picts, and a history that saw it become one of the largest cities in the Highlands. It’s a history that has covered events like the Battle of Culloden, as well as less factual ones such as the Loch Ness Monster and tales that blend fact and fiction such as MacBeth. More than any other location, Inverness embodies Highland Culture. It’s the home of the legendary Northern Meeting, the world’s premier bagpipe competition. It’s also one of the key locations where the traditional game of Shinty is still played.

Perhaps it’s that rich Highland heritage that explains why Inverness was named the ‘Happiest Place in Scotland’ by the BBC. Although at Eventa, we like to think it’s because of the quality of parties in Inverness! After all, everyone loves a great party. In summer it’s an ideal location for a summer party. Inverness’ unique topography means that it’s dry for a large part of the year – unique for Scotland - giving a great excuse to get into the great outdoors for your event. It’s also a fantastic location for a Christmas party. This is due to the plethora of excellent venues, and of course that Highland spirit – and the party atmosphere it creates!

Inverness Shared Christmas Parties

If you’re looking for an office Christmas party in Inverness then it may be worth looking at a shared party. A shared party is where you share your event space with other companies. The real benefit it for smaller to medium sized companies, as it means that your budget can still include all the touches that make a party great, such as welcome cocktails, photographers and other entertainment. An additional benefit is that a shared party can also function as something of a networking event – giving you the chance to speak to other local businesses. Although it’s probably best if you focus on the networking before you have too many of those welcome cocktails!

Inverness Exclusive Christmas Parties

If a shared party isn’t up your street then an exclusive event may be for you. It’s ideal if you want something more private, and somewhere that you have more creative freedom to work with the venue space to create your ideal party. At Eventa all of our exclusive events are bespoke parties. You’ll be assigned your very own event organiser to construct your event. It’s much more than just finding you the right venue, it also includes things like finding a theme that works with you and your team – or even arranging accommodation and transport if needed.

If you don’t like the look of any of the below events, then don’t worry. Our bespoke events mean that we will take on board your brief and provide you with a range of options that maximise the potential of your budget, location etc. to ensure you have a fantastic party. Our team can be contacted today at 01273 225 078 or to talk about how we can bring your perfect party to the Highlands. 

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