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Gloucester is a quintessentially British town. From its British history, predating the Norman Conquest, through to its time as an inland port and into the modern era. This is something that can be seen when you walk down every street, and see a blend of medieval, Tudor, and modern houses – each one a window into the city’s storied past. And it even follows in the tradition of British towns like Worcestershire, Loughborough and Prudhoe – places with counterintuitive pronunciations so much so that in 1926 the Gloucestershire Aircraft Company at Bockworth changed its name to Gloster Aircraft Company because apparently people were having too much trouble with ‘Gloucestershire’. And like any proper British town, Gloucester loves to party!

Modern businesses are all over Gloucester. From the huge services industry, to its strong financial and business sectors. And with all these large venues it means that the Christmas party is a hugely important part of the social calendar. It’s a fantastic occasion that allows you to reward your team for the entire year of hard-work. And it’s also a great excuse to have a great time!

Gloucester Exclusive Christmas Parties

For those larger teams, we generally recommend that you have an exclusive event. With an exclusive event you obviously get private access to your venue, but beyond that you also get a level of creative freedom. If Exclusive is the way for you, one of Eventa’s dedicated event organisers will work with you to create your perfect party. And this isn’t just finding you the right venue, it’s also handling food, drinks, entertainment, theming and a million other factors. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to. It’s all about maximising the return on your investment, or in plain terms – giving you an incredible party!

Gloucester Shared Christmas Parties

If you’re a smaller company, but you still want that big production value. Then a shared party may be right for you. A shared party gives you the privacy of your own tables or area, while still sharing the venue space with other teams. This can often offer you the chance for some impromptu networking with other local teams!   Listed below are a selection of the shared events in Gloucester this Christmas for you to look through and see if any suit your team.

Gloucester Christmas Party Venues

Diversity is the name of the game in Gloucester. It’s a modern city with a rich past. So there are contemporary venues alongside older, heritage ones such as the Victorian Warehouses that make up the old port. It’s a city amongst the countryside. The Forest of Dean and Malvern Hills provide staggering locations in the great outdoors, and are perfectly suited to summer parties. There are few locations that have that same diversity, and it really does mean that there’s something for everyone in Gloucester. Contact a member of our team at or 01273 225 078 and we can get started finding which one of the spectacular Gloucester venues is perfect for you and your team.

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