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Christmas is coming to the picturesque East Staffordshire Countryside. And that means that the annual Christmas bash is coming with it. The festive party has grown in recent years into becoming an essential part of the office social calendar. A few drinks at the office after-hours just doesn’t cut it anymore – a proper Christmas party is needed. A way to reward your team for a year of hard work, and to just have a great time.

Historically Burton has always been a centre of the UK’s brewing industry, and breweries today are still a major part of the town’s economy. So you know that you can expect the good times to flow at any Burton party. It’s also home to large international companies like Branston and Marmite, and in any town with such large companies, there’s always a large spread of corporate venues that are ideal for a Christmas party.

Burton upon Trent Exclusive Christmas Parties

For some of those big companies an exclusive Christmas event is ideal. An exclusive party (as you can possible work out from the name) gives you exclusive access to your event space. And with Eventa, it also means you get a bespoke party experience. We can customise your event with theming, or additional catering or beverage options. One of our Account Managers will work with you to ensure that when Christmas time comes around, you’ll be enjoying a yuletide event that is totally tailored to you and your team.

Burton upon Trent Shared Christmas Parties

For smaller-to-medium sized teams, a shared party is becoming an increasingly popular option, especially if you’re looking at one of the larger venues.  You get all the benefits of an exclusive event such as an incredible venue, high production values for your event. But often it’s a more acceptable hit to the budget. And as you share the venue space with other companies it can also provide an impromptu networking event. Although the focus should always be on partying and having a good time!

Popular Christmas Party Themes in Burton upon Trent

As you know, a great theme can be an excellent addition to a party. And in Burton one of the most popular themes is Carnival. All the bright lights of tinsel town are brought to your Christmas event, allowing you to enjoy a full VIP experience in Burton this year.

Have a look through our below events to see if there’s any events you’re interested in. If nothing seems quite right for you, and you’re looking for an exclusive event, then contact one of our account managers at 01273 225 078 today. We can discuss how what you want your party to look like, and then get started on making that idea a reality.

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