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Laid in the playground of the Firth of Clyde, Ayr is one of the most populous cities in the South of Scotland. And it’s easy to see why. From the isle of Arran to the coarse landscape of Galloway forest park it is a location spoilt for beautiful sights. This is the landscape that inspired the verses of local legend, the National Bard of Scotland, Rabbie Burns. And even into the city itself. For much of its history Ayr was a town that exported coal and iron, but as it became renowned for its architecture, all of which bears the stamp of Scottish antiquity, it became a popular tourist destination.  Ayr is writ large on the pages of Scottish history, an iconic and beautiful location. When we talk about locations, in terms of spectacle, the team at Eventa always come up with Ayr as one of the most beautiful locations. These staggering locations include a huge range of fantastic venues, many of which are ideal for a fantastic Christmas party.

Ayr Shared Christmas Parties

A shared party, as you probably know, is where you and your team share the space with other teams. It’s a great way to get to see some of the very best venues, especially if you’re a smaller team who wouldn’t be able to fill a location on your own. So your budget isn’t stretched too far. But you also get the benefit of meeting up with other local companies.  Below are a selection of our current packages in the Ayr area, where the carnival theme is proving to be hugely popular – but if that’s not for you, keep checking back as more and more packages are uploaded to our website daily.

Ayr Exclusive Christmas Parties

As a larger team, you may be better suited to an exclusive event. You get private hire of your chosen venue, whether that’s a modern venue in the city or a traditional manor hotel in Ayrshire. And as you’re the only team there, you’re afforded a higher level of freedom to customise the venue to your needs. Whether you want to adapt the catering, add some theming, or arrange more entertainment. But how do you arrange this? Well to help plan your bespoke event you’ll receive your very own event organiser – an expert member of the Eventa team who has all the know-how to make your perfect party a reality. For exclusive events, we recommend that you contact a member of our team today at 01273 225 078 to get started building your package today!

Ayr Corporate Events

We love Christmas at Eventa (you have to when it’s one of your specialities!) – but it’s not all we do. We plan, create and deliver corporate events of all types. We can arrange Summer Events and Team-Building Days that will see you making the most of this staggeringly beautiful location. All of our events in Ayr start the same way. It all starts with you contacting a member of our team, and from there we can get started planning your event. Whether you know exactly what you’re after, and just need to know how to make it happen, or you have only the vaguest idea, and need some advice – we’re here to help!

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