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Corporate events are becoming an essential part in the modern company’s social calendar. Employees want to feel valued, and if you host a corporate event it’s a fantastic way to say ‘thank you’ to your team and recognise their hard work. The Christmas party is the most popular corporate event. It’s not just an excuse for a party (although it is a fantastic excuse) – it instils pride in your team and lets them know their work across the year is appreciated.

In Aberdeen, the corporate events market is booming. Over the years Aberdeen has grown into a real hub for business. The Granite City’s importance to the oil industry, and the presence of large tech firms means that when the festive season comes around there’s a huge demand for Christmas parties. It also means that all parties in Aberdeen are of the very highest quality. Aberdeen has the demand for corporate events – and the ability to deliver truly memorable experiences. Part of this is due to the plethora of gorgeous venues across the city. As you’d expect from a city that has a record number of wins in the annual Britain in Bloom awards, Aberdonians take pride in things looking good. The city’s long and storied history has provided a range of historical venues, any of which can provide a fantastic backdrop to your corporate Christmas event.

Aberdeen Shared Christmas Parties

For the smaller teams out there, a shared party may be the ideal choice. As you can guess from the name, with a shared party you share the venue space with other similarly sized teams. It creates a fantastic buzzing atmosphere – and in a business hub like Aberdeen it provides a perfect opportunity for you to undertake a little networking as you celebrate your festive season. Who knows who you could meet?

Aberdeen Exclusive Christmas Parties

For the bigger teams out there, exclusive parties may be for you. You get private access to your venue space, and as you’re the only team there, you have much more flexibility with how you can enjoy your Christmas. To help plan your event a member of Eventa’s team will work with you to craft your perfect party package – everything from nibbles to entertainment is taken care of to craft your perfect party package. At Eventa we understand all of our clients are unique, that’s why all of our exclusive events are unique too. Your organiser will, from day one, work with you to construct a brief that ensures you get exactly the party you want.

Summer Parties in Aberdeen

The Silver City with the Golden Sands isn’t just fantastic for Christmas events, throughout the year Aberdeen is ripe for a whole range of corporate events. The surrounding area is packed with charming country manors, any of which makes a beautiful backdrop for a summer event. Let’s paint a picture. You look out over the Aberdeenshire landscape, the smell of the grass in your nose, as you watch the sun kiss off your chosen venue. It’s what summers made of. The sun sets, you sip something cool and get ready to celebrate your soiree.

Summer or Christmas. Aberdeen is  perfectly suited to your corporate event. Our Account Managers can be reached at 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk to discuss your corporate event with Eventa.

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